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BT Broadband offers a wide selection of fibre-optic and ADSL broadband packages, with a variety of speeds and data allowances to suit your household’s needs. Each package, for new customers, comes with handy tools to keep your broadband safe, secure and child-friendly.

BT Broadband Deals


Plusnet is committed to delivering reliable broadband to UK homes, making it one of the nation’s favourite telecoms providers. Plusnet offers simple and affordable broadband packages to connect you and your family 24/7, with unlimited downloads included.

Plusnet Broadband Deals


For digital TV, broadband and calls, Sky is a provider that’s hard to beat, with a great range of channels, excellent services, the option of fibre-optic and some impressive customer benefits. You can choose premium channels with exclusive content, enjoy unlimited downloads with broadband and get the added value of inclusive calls at home.

Sky Broadband Deals 0800 230 0832


TalkTalk has always focused on delivering reliable broadband that represents excellent value for money. It is one of the cheapest UK providers of broadband services, and customers can choose fibre-optic for superfast download speeds. TalkTalk also provides a TV service through YouView, so you can enjoy free-to-air channels and Catch-Up TV

TalkTalk Broadband Deals 0800 049 7842

Virgin Media

Virgin Media has played a major role in changing the way the UK browses the web, with its huge fibre-optic network offering ultra-fast download speeds. Virgin Media customers can also enjoy the great benefits of TiVo®, a new way to watch TV at home, boasting a wealth of smart features, HD compatibility and apps including YouTube and Facebook.

Virgin Media Broadband Deals 0800 988 1531


EE offers a wide selection of fibre-optic and standard broadband packages. Whether you want superfast broadband to watch streaming content or just a strong, reliable connection, EE provides adequate speeds to meet your online demands.

EE Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873

Post Office

Whilst being a smaller player in the broadband world, Post Office broadband still provides a strong and simple service that’s ideal for those who don’t require hundreds of MBs for their internet use. Post Office broadband is ideal for those who want broadband services without any of the complications or high costs.

Post Office Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873

John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis Broadband gives you a service you can rely on to bring you simple, affordable and fast broadband. Whether you’re looking for standard ADSL, unlimited or fibre broadband, John Lewis has you covered. John Lewis has entered the broadband space with a bang, offering easy to install broadband and phone services.

John Lewis Broadband Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873

Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom is a UK-based provider, operated by Utilities UK Ltd, and offering both ADSL and fibre broadband packages at highly competitive prices. The value for money is focal point for Direct Save, with plenty of emphasis on selling points like the cheap line rental and new customer incentives.

Direct Save Telecom Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873


SSE offers a range of broadband and phone bundles that allow you to enjoy fast speeds combined with unlimited downloads. SSE customers will be able to access reliable broadband with a number of extra features and support, including guaranteed unlimited downloads, wireless router and inclusive weekend calls.

SSE Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873


Whilst most commonly known for its mobile phone services, Vodafone has recently moved into the broadband market with its exciting and reliable high-speed broadband, offering enticing and widely available broadband deals. Vodafone is fast becoming a major player in the broadband sector.

Vodafone Broadband Deals 0808 178 3121

POP Telecom

POP Telecom is a great value-for-money broadband provider, with competitive prices and eye-catching offers for new customers. Get totally unlimited downloads and free broadband with a bundled calls and broadband package, or go for a superfast fibre home connection.

POP Telecom Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873

Now Broadband

Whether you’re after lightning-fast fibre or affordable ADSL, NOW Broadband has got you covered with a selection of incredibly efficient and reliable broadband packages on flexible month-long contracts you’re free to cancel whenever.

Now Broadband Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873

First Utility

First Utility is a provider of gas, electricity and broadband services, with approximately 850,000 customers across the UK. Through offering multi-utilities at highly competitive prices, First Utility aims to help UK households save money, without any compromise on the quality of services they receive.

First Utility Broadband Deals 0800 230 0873