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KCOM Broadband deals

  • Superfast fibre
  • 900 average Mbps available
  • Fibre-to-the-home broadband
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Featured KCOM deals

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About KCOM

KCOM has been operating since 1904, providing Hull and East Yorkshire with Telecoms for over a century. Since 2019, it has offered expansive fibre deals, allowing customers in the area to enjoy superfast average speeds of up to 900Mbps.

KCOM Broadband offers

KCOM offers a variety of fibre broadband subscriptions that suit all types of internet use*. Lighter users who perhaps live on their own with fewer devices might want to opt for the Standard Fibre Broadband deal, offering an average of 30Mbps, which is ideal for light streaming and downloading.

KCOM also offers a number of Superfast deals, allowing users to experience a blistering average speeds of 75 and 200 Mbps, which will tackle any downloading you need alongside strong upload speeds.

The Ultrafast Unlimited package gives you access to an average of 400Mbps, which is ideal for busy households with everyone doing everything online at once. With this package, you’ll be able to stream in 4K while someone downloads music and plays online games - all at the same time!

For the ultimate in broadband speed, choose Gigafast Unlimited, KCOM’s fastest broadband package, giving you an average of 900Mbps. This is some of the fastest broadband available in the UK, meaning that if you’re able to connect to it, it’s an enticing prospect for those in big households with heavy internet use.

The advantage of real fibre

KCOM prides itself on offering Fibre To The Home broadband, meaning the connection is brought directly to your home. The majority of fibre broadband is Fibre To The Cabinet, which takes the cable to a cabinet that services multiple homes. FTTH offers a faster and more reliable connection and allows speeds to dwarf anything offered by FTTB.

Add call deals to your broadband

Alongside your KCOM broadband package, you can add a phone package that works for you. Users can choose between UK Landlines, UK Landlines and Mobile, All-inclusive and International.

KCOM Broadband comes with PAYG Calls automatically, though you can choose one of the bolt-ons if you would like that as part of your package.

KCOM Broadband Highlights

  • Superfast broadband
  • Fibre To The Home connection
  • Highest average speed of 900Mbps
  • 100% renewable energy

*Only available for new fibre broadband KCOM customers within Driffield, Howden, Hornsea, Bridlington, Goole, Nafferton and Pocklington

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