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Can I get BT Sport on Sky?

The answer is yes, and here’s how. 

How to get BT Sport on Sky

For existing Sky customers, it’s super easy to get BT Sport added to whichever existing Sky package you own. 

Just head on over to the Sky page, navigate to Sky Sports & BT Sport and select to upgrade. You will then be prompted to sign into your existing Sky account to follow the appropriate steps in completing the BT Sport contract. 

You’ll be able to start watching BT Sport within four hours after activating BT Sport with your existing Sky package, by watching the BT Sport channels on your Sky box. 

How much is BT Sport on Sky?

If you’re not a Sky customer but want to become one so you can watch both Sky Sports and BT Sport all on your Sky box, you’ll have to sign up. The initial Sky TV package with Sky Sports and BT Sport included will cost you £52 a month for an 18 month contract, which will also include the exclusive Sky channels such as Sky Atlantic. 

You can customise your sport package by adding the following extras: 

  • Sky Cinema - an extra £11 a month
    Over 1,000+ movies on demand with a new movie premiere every day
  • Ultimate TV Add On - an extra £6 a month
    The Ultimate TV Add On adds a Netflix subscription onto your Sky account. 

You’ll also be expected to pay a £20 one-off instalment charge if you are a new Sky TV customer. 

If you’re an existing Sky customer, adding the Sky Sports package that includes BT Sport will cost you an extra £55 on top of what you currently pay. 

Through Sky you cannot get BT Sport on Sky without Sky Sports. If you just wanted the Sky Sports package, it’d set you back £30 a month on top of your current package cost. 

How can I get BT Sport on Sky if I already have Sky Sports?

If you already own Sky Sports but want to add BT Sport into the mix you can go about it in one of two ways. You can contact Sky to cancel your Sky Sports package, and instead upgrade to the Sky Sports and BT Sport pack, or you can add Sky Sports through BT itself. You can add all four BT Sport channels to your Sky package by heading over to the BT website, you don't even need to be a BT customer. 

What's in the BT Sport pack that’s available with Sky? 

If you choose to add BT Sport to your current Sky Package you’ll be able to watch all the BT Sport channels. The BT Sport pack on Sky includes the following channels: 

  • BT Sport 1 (HD)
  • BT Sport 2 (HD)
  • BT Sport 3 (HD)
  • ESPN (HD) 

On the above channels, you can expect to catch the latest live action from sports such football, boxing, MotoGP, cricket, rugby union, UFC, tennis and more. If you’re a football fan, BT Sport is now considered the home of football, showing the Premier League’s live action all season long. The same goes for the Gallagher Rugby Union Premiership, which is also exclusive to BT Sport, along with European Heineken and Challenge Cup rugby. 

If you’re not an existing Sky customer and sign up to the sports package, which includes both Sky Sports channels and BT Sport channels, you’ll receive the above BT Sport channels and the following Sky Sports channels: 

  • Sky Sports (HD) 
  • Sky Sports F1 (HD)
  • Sky Sports Cricket (HD) 
  • Sky Sports Football (HD) 
  • Sky Sports NFL 
  • Sky Sports Arena (HD) 
  • Sky Sports Golf (HD)
  • Sky Sports Main Event (HD) 

Can I watch BT Sport on Sky Go? 

If you pay for BT Sport through your Sky package, you will be able to watch all BT Sport channels on Sky GO. 

However, if you have Sky and pay for BT separately through BT themselves, you will of course be unable to watch BT Sport on your Sky Go app as you pay for BT Sport through a completely different provider. 

Sky Go can be accessed via smartphone and tablet by downloading the Sky Go app, or via a web browser on your PC, Mac or laptop. 

Can I watch BT Sport on my Sky Q box? 

Along with being able to watch BT Sport with Sky Go on up to 4 devices inside and outside your home, you can of course watch BT Sport on your Sky Q box, which comes as standard with the Sky Sports package that comes with BT Sport included. 

With the Sky Q box, you can store up to 500 hours worth of recorded TV, record 6 shows at the same time while being able to watch a 7th, and pause, rewind or restart live television, meaning you no longer have to miss any of the action. 

Will I be able to use the BT Sport app if I sign up through Sky? 

In short, no. The BT Sport app is strictly available to those who have a BT login, and as you’ll be gaining access to BT Sport content through Sky, this option is unavailable to you. However, if you want to be able to watch BT Sport on the go, along with Sky Sports, you can do so via the Sky Go app. 

How can I cancel BT Sport on Sky TV? 

In order to cancel your BT Sport on Sky TV, you’ll need to cancel the package it comes with. 

Cancelling an 18-month contract with Sky can lead to cancellation fees, and how much you are charged depends on the following things: 

  • How long’s left of your minimum term from the date your subscriptions end (days)
  • The days you’ve already been billed for in advance
  • The products you own, the price you pay and when your subscriptions end

Log into your Sky account to manage your packages.

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