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About our Broadband Speed Test

With modern broadband, speed is everything. Without a strong internet speed it can be tough to get anything done online, whether it’s working, gaming, streaming or downloading.

With the Broadband Compared Speed Test, you can get an accurate reading of your home broadband network, including general speed, upload speed and download speed.

Users who are subscribed to a fibre-optic package are much more likely to get the most out of their broadband, with the service being faster and more secure than standard ADSL lines. If you’re still on a copper-based ADSL line, you might find that your broadband speed isn’t necessarily what was advertised. Finding out your actual speed is therefore beneficial when choosing a new broadband provider or package.

Using this test, users can see if they’re getting the absolute best out of their provider. It’s ideal if you’re unsure about how fast your network is or are thinking of changing providers.

With Broadband Compared, you can check your speed, and if it’s not up to scratch, shop around for another provider or faster package.

Choosing the right time to take the test is also important. Testing the speed of your broadband at peak times (such as weekday evenings) can herald slower results than, for example, the middle of the night or early in the morning. Be sure to test your broadband at multiple times to get a true measure of the speed you’re receiving.

In order to test your speed, simply type your postcode into the form above and start the speed test. Your provider should be automatically detected, but if it isn’t, you’ll be able to select the correct one from the drop down menu.

Once the test has determined your speed, you’ll be able to compare broadband providers and packages using the compare tool, giving you a comprehensive look at the latest offers.

You can also check your broadband coverage on Ofom's site by clicking here to read through their research on broadband speeds.

Top UK Speed Locations

  • 5,889Mbps, Salisbury, SP13
  • 2,753Mbps, Spalding, PE11
  • 821Mbps, Bristol North, BS65
  • 766Mbps, North Weald, CM16
  • 675Mbps, Blackwater, GU17
  • 623Mbps, Ipsley, B980
  • 553Mbps, Victoria, B94H
  • 543Mbps, Bristol West, BS82
  • 538Mbps, Lee Green, SE13
  • 530Mbps, Broughton, M72B

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