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BT Broadband Deals

  • Superfast download speeds of up to 73Mbps with BT Fibre 2 
  • Selection of fibre optic and full fibre broadband offers
  • Stream and browse all you like with unlimited monthly usage
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Featured BT deals

Choose from our featured BT deals

BT - The home of BT fibre broadband, great TV and BT Sport

BT Broadband customers have plenty to choose from with a selection of both fibre-optic and next generation full fibre deals which offer the ultimate browsing experience. All of these come with unlimited downloads, a Stay Fast guarantee and handy tools to keep your broadband safe, secure and child-friendly.

Their TV subscriptions offer a variety of fantastic entertainment and all of the latest action from BT Sport. You can switch between these every 30 days and tailor them to suit your viewing habits with add-ons like Netflix and the NOW TV passes. 

Great value superfast broadband with BT Fibre

BT Superfast Fibre offers seamless streaming and fast downloads thanks to the superior fibre-optic technology. With BT Superfast Fibre you’ll enjoy a much quicker web connection throughout the day, letting you download a song in a second or an HD movie in just a few minutes.

Choose BT Fibre 2 for fantastic superfast download speeds of between 67Mbps and 73Mbps. If you’re a fan of streaming and downloading content, you can back it all up with the huge 1TB of BT Cloud storage that’s included in this deal.

BT Fibre 1 gives customers download speeds of between 46Mbps and 50Mbps with 200GB of BT Cloud storage so more people can enjoy being online at the same time. If you’re looking for a reliable connection to enjoy everyday browsing and Netflix there’s also BT Fibre Essential with average download speeds of between 33Mbps and 36Mbps. 

Achieve next generation speeds with BT Full Fibre

Full fibre refers to the type of connection which consists entirely of fibre, from the exchange to the green street cabinet to your home, rather than the standard mix of copper and fibre. This allows for a much larger transmission of data and so significantly faster, more consistent download speeds. These can be up to an impressive 25 times quicker than superfast fibre, BT says. 

BT’s Full Fibre subscriptions, which offer lightning-fast download speeds of up to 900Mbps, allow you to do so much more with your internet connection. It’s ideal for anyone working from home and allows for glossy 4K video streams, online gaming and high quality video calls all at the same time. You’ll also be able to connect lots of smart devices like bluetooth speakers without any problems too. 

Enjoy smart features with your BT Broadband package

Not only do BT broadband customers get a great deal on browsing the web at home, but you’ll also be able to access 5 million BT Wi-Fi Hotspots all across the UK. This allows you to stay connected wherever so you can take advantage of your commute and get some work done or stream some funny YouTube clips while waiting for a friend.

You’ll also be equipped with plenty of expert security tools to help you keep your family safe online. BT Virus Protect, which is powered by world leader McAfee, offers the latest safeguards against viruses, phishing scams and spyware while True Key Password Manager helps keep your accounts secure. There’s parental controls too so you can stop younger eyes from seeing anything harmful. 

A fantastic feature that can be added on to your broadband subscription is BT Complete Wifi. These discs seamlessly connect to your BT Home Hub so you can take advantage of flawless speeds in every room of your house.

Catch every exciting moment with BT Sport

BT Sport gives you full access to the latest in-depth coverage across an excellent variety of sports. To access it, you’ll need to take either the standard Sport or Big Sport TV deal which also include a great selection of Freeview channels and the award-winning BT TV box that’s can store up to 300 hours of recorded content.

The first brings you all four BT Sport channels and Box Nation, along with their HD counterparts, so you can enjoy every single UEFA Champions League game, some Premier League matches, the UFC, WWE, Premiership Rugby and plenty more. 

Big Sport nets you all of the above plus the 11 Sky Sports channels through the NOW TV Sky Sports pass. Get even more of all of the exciting sports you love in one convenient offering including all Premier League games, every F1 race, the golf majors and cricket. 

Take BT TV for a brilliant variety of live TV, films and box sets

BT has three entertainment options available, the Classic Entertainment, Entertainment and Big Entertainment subscriptions. All come with a great selection of popular Freeview channels and the BT TV box.

Bundled in with the standard Entertainment option is Sky’s NOW TV Entertainment Pass which gives you hundreds of binge-worthy box sets and channels like the Sky Atlantic, Fox and Comedy Central. Included with the latter is all of this plus NOW TV’s Sky Cinema pass which gets you its 11 channels plus over 1000 films on demand to enjoy whenever you like. 

For those that want it all, there’s BT’s VIP deal that brings you the very best from both the worlds of sport and entertainment. Alternatively, you can take one of the above packages and customize it with your own add ons like Netflix and BT TV Kids. All customers, apart from those on the Classic TV offer, are able to switch to another for free every 30 days and swap the add ons around.

Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles

BT has three home phone deals customers can take alongside its broadband. If you love a good catch up, there’s either 700 Minutes or Unlimited Minutes so you can chat for as long as you like anytime of the day or night. Alternatively, only be charged for the calls you make with BT’s Pay As You Go option.

All of these come with BT Call Protect which stops nuisance calls and you can also add on a number of extras like International Calls, Caller Display and Call Waiting. 

BT broadband highlights

  • Fibre-optic technology allows for fantastically fast speeds
  • Download speeds of between 67Mbps and 73Mbps with BT Fibre 2
  • Premium full fibre offer with average download speed of 900Mbps 
  • Free access to 5 million BT Wifi hotspots all across the country
  • Protect your family online with security tools and parental controls
  • Catch all of the action with BT Sport and Sky Sports packages
  • Flexible TV subscriptions allow you to switch between them every 30 days
  • Add on extras like Netflix, BT TV Kids and NOW TV Entertainment Pass
  • Talk for hours with unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles

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