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Compare All Packages with Broadband Compared

Broadband Compared is your comprehensive resource for deals on broadband packages from leading UK providers.  We collate the key details on each offer, such as price, contract length and maximum download speed, and make it easy for you to search and filter results.  Our postcode checker ensures that you find broadband deals relevant to your local area, and you’ll also be able to see whether you could have the option of superfast fibre-optic.

When you compare all packages, you’ll see every deal, including any incentives and savings.  You can then choose to further filter these by selecting broadband only, broadband and calls, or broadband, TV and calls.  As an impartial comparison service you can trust that the information you are seeing is unbiased, and once you’ve chosen an offer you can follow the link to get set up directly with the provider.

Broadband Only

Traditionally, broadband packages have always been bundled in with phone and TV services. This has, however, changed with the rise of broadband-only packages. With these sorts of offers, users can take a broadband contract exclusively, without having to pay extra for services they don’t want or need. With increasing amounts of people abandoning landline phone service, broadband-only packages are becoming more and more popular.

Taking a broadband only contract can have a number of benefits when it comes to cost and ease of use. Obviously, opting out of phone and TV services is going to save money, but packages such as these also come with the added benefit of lowering the cost of superfast, fibre-optic broadband that would normally be too expensive. Due to the lack of phone services, some providers will even remove line rental fees from their services. This is, however, not universal.

Broadband and Calls

Broadband and landline calls have always been an ideal combination when creating your home network. Despite the fact that smartphones and other communication devices are on the rise, providers still offer a wide variety of home phone packages that are bundled with broadband. When you buy one of these packages, you’ll often be eligible for a number of different perks, with many providers offering discounts on evening and weekend calls.

When purchasing a broadband and phone package, you’ll need to think about both your internet and phone usage. Those who operate a home office, for example, will probably get the most out of a package of this type, as they use both services equally. If, however, you’re a heavy browser who rarely uses their home phone, a package like this may be unsuitable. In some cases, a home phone service may come bundled with broadband at little or no extra cost, therefore making it more justifiable.

Broadband, Calls and TV

Broadband, calls and TV will give you the complete home package, and is available from a number of providers.  It’s convenient because you only deal with one company for all three services, and it also means one simple bill.  You could also find that a provider offers a good deal when you choose them exclusively for your internet, TV and home phone.  The broadband will usually be a choice of ADSL or fibre, depending on what’s available in your local area, and be sure to check for any usage caps.

In some cases the digital TV consists of Freeview and On Demand, with the option to add premium content from a leading rival, whilst other providers offer something more extensive, with hundreds of channels, loads of box sets and exclusive sport.  If TV is an important part of the deal, make sure your provider can offer exactly what you want.

With home phone you’ll be getting inclusive landline calls, and probably some home phone features, such as voicemail.  Whilst most people have a smartphone or mobile, landline calls still come in handy, and you can get some good rates on calls to other mobiles and international destinations as well.

Top tips

  • Fibre packages are the fastest and most reliable available, so check them out first.
  • Use our Postcode Checker to find the best provider for your area.
  • Know what provider or speed you’re looking for and compare accordingly.
  • Check your location’s network before you compare so you can get the best deal.
  • Test the speed of your home network to see the quality of your current broadband.
  • Compare both TV and complete packages as well as broadband only deals.

Jargon buster

ADSL: Fast home internet service that can function at the same time as a landline.

Broadband: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line that uses existing phone lines to deliver broadband connections.

Download: Data which is transferred directly to your computer or online-capable device.

Fibre-optic: Dedicated cable line that delivers superfast broadband at a faster rate than ADSL.

ISP: Internet Service Provider: a company who provide a broadband service based on a subscription.

MAC number: Migration Authorisation Code which is used when switching from one provider to the other.

Megabit (Mb): A unit of storage that determines the amount of data passing through a  broadband connection.

Megabits per second (Mbps): A term that refers to the speed of a broadband connection by the rate at which one Megabit is transferred.

Streaming: Transferring data (such as video) at a constant stream without having to download it.

Wireless: Broadband that can be accessed without a dedicated cable, made possible by a specialised router.