Ways to make your broadband speed faster

Discover ways to boost your broadband speed ASAP.

In today’s digital age, business and leisurely tasks can become unbearable if your connection speed is slow.

There are many factors which could be affecting your download speeds and web browsing which can be fixed to boost your broadband performance.

Check out our quick guide to helping you achieve the full potential of your broadband service.

Say goodbye to ADSL and hello to fibre-optic

Try out our postcode checker to see if you can upgrade to fibre-optic broadband. Most providers are now offering the new digital technology, providing an even faster web browsing experience than ever before.

Download speeds will vary depending on your postcode, but each package provides an indication on what you can expect.

Fibre-optic broadband is ideal if you’re an avid fan of downloading music, film and online streaming. Superfast broadband can download files in seconds (depending on size), helping you enjoy your content in a shorter amount of time.

This new upgrade to broadband technology also doesn’t lose speed during peak times and when multiple devices are connected to the same router.

Change your broadband provider

Depending on where you live, you may find different providers offer various download speeds.

For example, Virgin Media may have their service within your postcode, which operates on a different network than other providers who use BT’s lines to connect to your home.

Compare broadband packages regularly to find out which services can give you the best download speeds for your area.

Here at Broadband Finder, you can expect to find the latest and best deals from a selection of UK leading providers.

Check your router

Broadband speeds may be affected if your router is malfunctioning. Most household routers are kept switched on 24/7, which can cause the technology to run into some technical issues.

Check your router often to make sure it is in working order. If you find an issue with it, contact your broadband provider for information and assistance in solving the problem.

If you’ve had the same router for a long time, providers may be able to offer you an upgrade so you can enjoy better download speeds.

Keep software up to date

Your broadband connection may not be the issue when it comes to a slow performance online. Laptops, tablets and smartphones all require regular updating (although newer models may do this automatically). If you haven’t updated for device to the most recent version then it could not be working to its full potential.

Keep checking your device for any updates that could help speed up your web browsing experience.

Limit open tabs on your web browser

If you’re known to keep numerous tabs on your web browser open, it’s time to quit the habit.

For example, if you’re on social media on one tab and streaming on another, you could be putting your broadband under strain and causing it to slow down.

When you’re watching something online, we recommend closing other tabs to limit the chances of seeing the dreaded buffer icon.

Clear the browser cache

A cache is the place where browsing history and passwords are stored, but when it isn’t cleared often this can impact how fast webpages load.

Many web browsers offer a ‘clear cache’ option in the settings, removing any unnecessary history that is still working in the background while you’re surfing the web. You’ll be able to choose what you would like to delete, such as cookies, websites and passwords, so you don’t lose the things you want to keep.

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