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Sky Broadband vs NOW TV Broadband

See what broadband packages you can purchase and how they stack up against one another. 

There’s so much choice in today’s broadband market that deciding which provider and package to go for can seem daunting.

To help you with that choice, our guide will take a look at what’s offered by both Sky Broadband and NOW TV Broadband. 

What speeds can I get with Sky broadband?

Sky Broadband’s two packages offer speeds to meet the needs of both light and heavy internet users. 


  • Average download speed of 11Mbps
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Available on an 18 month contract 

Sky Broadband’s entry-level package is ideal for those just looking to enjoy SD or HD streaming on one or two devices at a time and everyday internet tasks like online shopping, banking and emailing. 


  • Average download speed of 59Mbps
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Available on an 18 month contract

59Mbps is obviously quite a step up and the ideal option for those who live in a household where there’s likely to be lots of people online at the same time. It’s comfortably able to support online gaming, 4K streaming, the use of smart speakers and large downloads simultaneously. 

What speeds can I get with NOW TV broadband?

Three different packages are available from NOW TV broadband. These encompass a good range of different speeds so you should be able to find something suitable.

Brilliant Broadband 

  • Average download speed of 11Mbps 
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Only available on a 12 month contract

While it’s not suitable for those households who have lots of connected devices, NOW TV’s identical entry-level package will again easily allow you to enjoy SD or HD streaming, online shopping, banking and emailing. 

Fab Fibre

  • Average superfast download speed of 36Mbps
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Only available on a 12 month contract

It’s great that NOW TV broadband has a middle option for those that don’t require the speeds of Super Fibre. Choose Fab Fibre if multiple members of your households will be online on different devices at the same time streaming in SD or HD, gaming and downloading music. 

Super Fibre

  • Average superfast download speed of 63Mbps
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Only available on a 12 month contract 

Super Fibre is again almost identical to Sky Broadband’s top-tier Superfast package in that it’s perfect for households with a large number of devices who all like to be online at once enjoying sharing and downloading files, 4K streaming, live streaming on sites like Twitch and online gaming. 

 Is ultrafast broadband available with Sky broadband?

Sky Broadband customers can choose between either Ultrafast 1 or Ultrafast 2 which offer average download speeds of 145Mbps and 285Mbps respectively. 

These hugely impressive are easily capable of supporting even the heaviest of broadband users and large households with lots of connected devices. 

Multiple glossy 4K streams will be able to run seamlessly whilst somebody else is livestreaming their online gaming session, downloading films and streaming high-quality music to smart speakers. 

The only real major downside to Sky’s ultrafast broadband packages are their availability which is still currently quite limited. The rollout is still ongoing however and will continue across 2020 so it’s worth using their online postcode checker to make sure. 

Is ultrafast broadband available with NOW TV broadband?

NOW TV broadband doesn’t currently offer an ultrafast package to its customers. 

What extras do I get with Sky broadband packages?

Both of Sky Broadband’s packages come with a WiFi Guarantee which allows you to claim your money back if your internet speed is consistently below 3Mbps in any room of your house, Sky Broadband Boost and Sky Talk Anytime.

This sees your daily checks performed on your line to test for any issues, entitles you to flexible engineer visits at evenings and weekend and nets you a free Sky Broadband Hub.

You’ll also receive access to the Sky Broadband Buddy app, available to download for free from both the App Store and Google Play Store, which allows you to set time limits and content filters on your family’s devices. 

What extras do I get with NOW TV broadband packages?

All NOW TV broadband customers will receive a free NOW TV Hub Two router when they purchase a package.

What can I bundle together with Sky broadband packages?

Sky Broadband can of course be bundled with one of Sky’s many TV packages. You get Sky Entertainment, which boasts over 250 channels including the exclusive Sky Atlantic, as a base and are then free to customise it however you like with add-ons like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Kids. 

With Sky Entertainment, you’ll also receive Sky Go which allows you to stream your favourites anywhere with a reliable wi-fi connection and the award-winning Sky Q box so you can record up to 500 hours of SD content. 

There’s the option to bundle Sky Talk packages in with your broadband as well so you can happily spend hours catching up with friends and family over the phone. 

What can I bundle together with NOW TV packages?

Customers have the option to take out one of NOW TV’s five passes, the Entertainment Pass, the Sky Cinema Pass, the Sky Sports Pass, the Kids Pass or the Hayu Pass, alongside their broadband. 

For a monthly fee, each pass gives you access to the corresponding content. It’s a brilliant way to get access to premium channels like Sky Atlantic or Sky Sports Premier League without having to take out a lengthy, expensive TV contract and they’re flexible so you can cancel at any time.  

How much does Sky broadband cost?

How much your Sky broadband will cost you really depends on which package you take out and how much you customise it. 

For example, just taking out Sky Broadband Essential will generally cost you under £30 a month but taking out Ultrafast 2 with Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Kids and Ultimate On Demand added on is likely to cost upwards of £60. 

How much does NOW TV broadband cost?

The cost of NOW TV broadband will again fluctuate depending on what exactly it is you choose. You’ll pay significantly less if you take out Brilliant Broadband and the Kids Pass than you would if you purchase Super Fibre and every single pass.


Which is better, Sky Broadband or NOW TV really comes down to your individual preference.

Sky Broadband technically beats NOW Broadband in terms speeds with its two Ultrafast packages but their limited availability means they’re unfortunately not an option for everyone. 

There’s hardly any difference between NOW TV Broadband and Sky Broadband’s premium superfast packages, 63Mbps vs 59Mbps. Both are an excellent choice and capable of supporting an entire family as they stream, game and download files simultaneously. 

Their identical entry-level packages too are both on equal footing and make a great affordable option. 

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