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How to solve common broadband issues

We show you how to get your service back up and running back in no time.

It’s always frustrating when there’s an issue with your broadband so we’ve compiled a list of simple solutions to the most common problems you’ll face while using your service. 

How to solve common broadband issues

“I can’t connect to my Wi-Fi”

First you need to establish whether it’s a problem with the device you’re trying to connect or your internet service.

Get another device and try to connect to your Wi-Fi with that. If it’s able to establish a connection, the issue is with your first device but if it can’t, either your router or internet service provider is to blame. 

If your router is the problem

  • It might sound simple, but start by checking that your router is properly plugged in. It’s easy to accidentally knock a cable loose!
  • Turn your router off and back on again. This can fix a lot of problems as it gives your router a chance to refresh itself, cool down and overcome any crashes its experienced. 
  • Check what lights are displayed on your router. These can often indicate exactly what the problem is so it’s definitely worth giving it Google. 

If it’s your device 

  • Restart your device by turning it off and on again.
  • Check that you haven’t turned your Wi-Fi off or put your device in airplane mode.
  • Reset your network settings. This will make your device forget all of the Wi-Fi networks it has previously connected to and the passwords so be sure to note down any you need. 

“My broadband speeds are too slow”

  • Check the position of your router. Walls, microwaves and baby monitors can all affect the strength of your Wi-Fi signal so make sure you place your router somewhere that’s clear and unobstructed. 
  • Change Wi-Fi channels. Routers operate on Wi-Fi channels and if you’re using the same channel as your neighbours it can slow down your broadband speed.
  • Purchase a Wi-Fi extender. These boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signal so you can get speedy internet all throughout your home. 
  • Switch your broadband. Use our expert comparison tool to find a new broadband package that’s more suited to your needs. Simply enter your postcode here to take a look at the great deals available in your area. 

“My internet connection keeps dropping out”

  • Move closer to the router. The closer to your router you are the stronger your Wi-Fi signal will be. It’s also worth checking to see if your router is in the best place possible. 
  • Try a wired connection. Ethernet cables provide a much faster, more reliable connection and are available in all different lengths.
  • Check how many devices are using your network. If everybody is online on multiple devices streaming Netflix, gaming and downloading files then your service might struggle. Limit the number online and see if there’s any improvement. 

When trying to troubleshoot your broadband it can be very helpful to visit your providers website. You’ll find plenty of helpful guides, community forums and be able to check on the status of the network.

Sky broadband issues

Sky customers should head to the Service Status page under the help section of their website. Any issues that the network is currently experiencing will be displayed there. You can also sign in with your Sky ID to run a test on your home broadband connection. 

If you need to contact Sky you can call their customer service line on 0333 7591 018.

Virgin Media broadband issues

If you’re experiencing problems with your Virgin Media broadband you should go to the website and click on My Virgin Media. Under Service Status you can sign into your Virgin Media account to run tests on your kit and check the status of the network.

You can call Virgin Media's customer service line on 0345 454 1111. You can also use their online messaging service to speak an adviser. 

BT broadband issues

BT too allows you to check the status of their service by going to the Help section of their website. You’ll be able to view a list of ongoing issues, click to find out the estimated date at which they’ll be fixed and enter your phone number to see if there’s any specific problems in your area.

Customers can use 0800 917 0510 to get in contact with BT. 

TalkTalk broadband issues

TalkTalk’s Service Status Dashboard can be found by clicking on Help & Support. You’ll find a broadband icon which you can click onto to see if there’s any reported issues. Signing into your TalkTalk account will also allow you see if there’s anything affecting the service in your local area and test your own connection. 

You can get in contact with TalkTalk's customer service line on 0345 172 0088. 

Plusnet broadband issues

Like TalkTalk, Plusnet also has a dashboard displaying different icons which you can click on to find out about the status of their services nationwide. This can again be found under the Help & Support section. 

Use 0800 432 0200 to get in contact with Plusnet's customer service team.

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