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Broadband in Peterborough

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Peterborough Broadband Statistics

  • 159 Mbps

    Fastest download speed

  • 17 Mbps

    Average download speed

  • 2 Mbps

    Fastest upload speed

Broadband in Peterborough

Peterborough is unique as a city that boasts both historical and modern significance. Originally set up as a new city in the 1960’s, Peterborough has since grown from being the hub of the sugar and brick industry in England to a modern, thriving digital city.

Stable, thriving broadband

Broadband in the city is above the UK average in general, with plenty of new businesses needing a strong connection in order to thrive. Modern Peterborough contains a number of digital businesses, including marketing and financial services.

Currently, the city is lobbying as part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign to bring superfast broadband to the majority of its residents. So far, 15,000 people have registered their interest in being part of the Government’s Urban Broadband Fund.

Speed and Availability

Residents of Peterborough enjoy an above average internet connection, with the majority of users receiving over 15Mbps. Some properties also see much higher speeds, depending on what type of connection they have. Fibre-optic customer can enjoy speeds of nearly 30Mb in Peterborough.

The city centre generally features the fastest speeds, whilst remote areas of the city such as PE8 may experience a slower and less reliable connection.


Peterborough properties and businesses can experience all the major UK providers, including Virgin Media, TalkTalk and BT. Fibre-optic customers will also have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a provider, with Virgin Media currently running the fastest.

Businesses in the area can benefit from business broadband, ensuring a strong and reliable connection. BT is one of the main providers of business broadband, although there are others available.


Peterborough’s modern and reliable broadband infrastructure ensures it holds its own compared to larger cities. Suitable for both personal and business use, internet in Peterborough is ideal for the majority of the city.

Top broadband postcodes

  1. PE1 17 Mbps
  2. PE6 6 Mbps

Top providers

  1. Virgin Media50 Mbps
  2. BT14 Mbps
  3. TalkTalk11 Mbps
  4. Sky7 Mbps
  5. BT7 Mbps
  6. TalkTalk5 Mbps
  7. Telefonica O2 UK1 Mbps
  8. PlusNet Technologies Ltd1 Mbps

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