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Broadband in Nottingham

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Nottingham Broadband Statistics

  • 23 Mbps

    Fastest download speed

  • 12 Mbps

    Average download speed

  • 4 Mbps

    Fastest upload speed

Broadband in Nottingham

Nottingham is a picturesque city with a fascinating history, and it’s a popular spot for tourists as well.  Aside from its ties to the famous Robin Hood legend, Nottingham has a lot to offer, with superb examples of architecture, including the 11th century Nottingham Castle.

It’s a beautiful place to live, and an advantage for residents and businesses is that broadband availability is good, with fibre providers offering services in a number of postcodes.

Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire

Broadband in Nottingham is currently undergoing a major revamp, as part of the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire partnership between the county council and funding sources like BT, Central Government and ERDF (the European Regional Development Fund).

This huge multi-million pound collaborative effort involves the rollout of fibre-based services.  The original target was to have 86% of county premises able to access fibre by the end of 2014, and that is extended to a massive 97% projected for 2018.

Speeds and availability

Fibre-optic is becoming increasingly available, pushing up average broadband speeds.  There is still plenty of take-up for ADSL, as some find it’s enough for their usage needs, but with fibre packages getting cheaper it’s well worth checking if your street has a superfast network.

NG3 has fibre services connecting various streets, and if you’re on one of these packages you could be getting around 20-25Mb, while the neighbouring NG5 has similar connectivity.

Further afield you can also get fast broadband; NG10, some distance south-west of the city centre, is well connected on several streets, with superfast broadband packages from a number of providers.

Broadband providers

Nottingham residents have plenty of choice when it comes to broadband providers, with Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet and Sky all offering fibre services.  It depends on where you live, but there is fibre availability from EE, Zen Internet, Direct Save Telecom and SSE as well.

All of these providers, with the exception of Virgin Media, have ADSL services as well.  So if you don’t live in an area with a fibre network, then there are still options in most locations.


Nottingham is a well-connected city for broadband and fibre, with residents and businesses able to choose from different providers.  Nottingham postcodes show some good average speeds, and the partnership to increase fibre is great news for the city.

Top broadband postcodes

  1. NG1 12 Mbps

Top providers

  1. Virgin Media15 Mbps
  2. Sky6 Mbps
  3. BT3 Mbps
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