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Broadband in Liverpool

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Liverpool Broadband Statistics

Broadband in Liverpool

Home of the Beatles and one of the most famous football clubs in the world, Liverpool is a thoroughly modern city, boasting excellent broadband, hundreds of cutting-edge businesses and a thriving city centre.

Cutting-edge broadband

Whilst Liverpool was always known as a shipping town, the 21st Century boasts a number of start up digital businesses as well as a huge student population.

Recently, Liverpool underwent a huge £1 million investment that improved broadband for properties and businesses in the city. Liverpool thrives on transportation, digital media and service industries, and as such needs a rock-solid broadband network. The majority of residents can therefore high speeds when browsing at home, especially if they live near the city centre.

Speed and Availability

Compared to the rest of the UK, broadband speeds in Liverpool are way above average. Residents in the centre of the city will be able to access the best speeds, with the averts being well above 10mb. Areas such as Anfield, home of the world-famous Liverpool FC, have had premium access to superfast speeds ever since the government's investment.

Whilst the the majority of the city is well connected to fast broadband, there are some locations which may fall a little behind. Surprisingly, the Everton area falls slightly short of the rest of the city, however it still surpasses the average UK broadband speed.


Liverpool residents can enjoy services from all the major UK broadband providers, including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. All of these firms offer superfast fibre-optic broadband, with Liverpool's infrastructure providing a stable cable connection.

Liverpool is also one of the few locations in the UK to offer services from Hyperoptic. Hyperoptic operates in only a small amount of cities, but is the UK's fastest broadband provider, with speeds greatly outdoing those of firms such as BT and TalkTalk. Liverpool residents are some of the rare few who have Hyperoptic as an option.


It's an exciting time to be a broadband customer in Liverpool. With a thoroughly modern broadband network and some of the UK's best speeds, supported by impressive funding, Liverpool properties can enjoy broadband that's ahead of its time.

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