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Broadband in Glasgow

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Glasgow Broadband Statistics

  • 13 Mbps

    Fastest download speed

  • 12 Mbps

    Average download speed

  • 1 Mbps

    Fastest upload speed

Broadband in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city that has transformed from a location dominated by manufacturing and shipbuilding, to a thriving hub of diversity, business, education and entertainment.  The economy has changed, and Glasgow is now keeping up with advances and innovations in technology, and this means the city’s residents can take advantage of fast broadband.

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is a key part of the country’s retail and tourism industries.  It was once a small rural settlement resting on the River Clyde, but has grown substantially.  Very little trace of medieval Glasgow can be found; instead, Victorian architecture weaves its way through the streets, with some stunning examples like the Glasgow City Chambers and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Coverage across the city

Glasgow’s reinvention means that digital connectivity has vastly improved in the city, with software developers and companies involved in creative business using the city as a base.  High quality broadband is now essential, and it means both business and residential customers can see the benefit.

However, it is an ongoing process, and that means inconsistent results throughout the city.  Overall coverage could be classed as average, and there are some areas that will only see 1Mb, and that could be during low traffic hours.  Western areas like Mosspark and North Wood reportedly suffer the slowest city speeds, alongside eastern locations like Tollcross.  The city centre predictably achieves the best results, with fibre-optic availability on a number of streets.

Speeds and availability

Your speed will greatly depend on which area of Glasgow you live in, with the G30, G21 and G6 postcodes recording the highest average download speeds.  G30 has seen over 60Mb average, whilst G21 and G6 are around 35Mb, and all of these would be from a fibre-optic connection.

Virgin Media has an average download speed for the city of just under 25Mb, and this would be because the provider exclusively uses fibre.  This kind of broadband is far superior to ADSL, which uses the copper phone line to provide the connection.

Plusnet, EE, BT and TalkTalk all record averages of under 20Mb, and this is likely to be a result of offering ADSL broadband to such a large number of Glasgow residents who do not have the option of fibre on their street.

Broadband providers

Virgin Media, Plusnet, BT, Sky and TalkTalk are the dominant providers, alongside the newer EE service.  Residents can also find broadband deals from Zen Internet, Be and Fuel Broadband.

If you specifically want fibre-optic then it will depend on whether there is fibre cabling connecting your street.  Check your post code to find out what is available, and fibre is offered by a number of providers.  Virgin Media usually has the fastest packages, but Plusnet and BT do have quick fibre services in certain locations.


Glasgow is an emerging city in terms of technology, and that is evident in the broadband services.  You can find superfast broadband, and get average download speeds of 25-50Mb, but it is down to your location.  Areas outside of the city centre will largely offer ADSL broadband, and this is a slower, unpredictable service.  The good news is that fibre is on a constant rollout, so coverage is always increasing.

Top broadband postcodes

  1. G5 12 Mbps

Top providers

  1. Sky12 Mbps
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