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Broadband in Birmingham

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Birmingham Broadband Statistics

  • 159 Mbps

    Fastest download speed

  • 32 Mbps

    Average download speed

  • 4 Mbps

    Fastest upload speed

Broadband in Birmingham

A city thriving with a huge multicultural population and one of the best economies outside of London, Birmingham is a place that’s truly changed with the digital age. One of the most modern and vibrant cities in the UK, Birmingham has been known as a place where music and art thrives among the industry sector, as well as being home to huge chocolate manufacturer Cadbury.

Digital Birmingham

Initially a centre of industry, Birmingham is now home to one of Europe’s biggest commercial sectors. Recent developments have made the city one of the most livable in the country, with a strong digital architecture that’s ideal for modern living.

Due to the huge amount of both standard and digital businesses in Birmingham, a strong broadband network in the city has been essential for some time. The recent “Digital Birmingham” scheme has ensured that fast fibre broadband has been rolled out throughout the city, which has been helped by a £10 million investment by the European Commission.

Due to this expansion of ultra-fast broadband, many digital businesses have been attracted to the city over the last few years. The city centre in particular is now highly competent when it comes to broadband, a move which has been applauded by services in the area. In 2011, the city announced that it would become an “enterprise zone” for small businesses, allowing them to expand further.

Speeds and Availability

Broadband availability in Birmingham is extremely high compared to other cities in the midlands. All types of broadband are easily accessible, including fixed line, fibre optic and even mobile broadband. This is expanding all the time with rollouts of fibre optic broadband, making the city an ideal place for online access.

The average download speed in Birmingham is around 15Mbps, higher than the national average of 9Mb. This will depend, however, on the type of broadband you purchase. Fibre-optic connections, for example, are widely available in the city, meaning your download speed could be much higher on average, depending on where you live in the city.

Broadband Providers

Birmingham residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to choice of broadband providers. Being one of the UK’s most populated urban areas, residents will be able to choose from a number of providers, such as Virgin Media, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Sky and BT. All of these will offer a variety of services at a variety of prices, meaning you can choose based on your budget and personal need.


Birmingham is one of the best areas outside London when it comes to broadband. Availability and speeds are on the rise in the city, making it easy to get connected to a fast line. Fibre-optic is available in most areas of the city, with a huge number of providers to choose from. Whether you’re starting a new business or settling down to live there, Birmingham won’t let you down when you get connected.

Top broadband postcodes

  1. B67 33 Mbps
  2. B13 27 Mbps

Top providers

  1. Virgin Media159 Mbps
  2. Virgin Media47 Mbps
  3. BT45 Mbps
  4. BT7 Mbps
  5. Sky6 Mbps

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