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  • Simple and reliable broadband
  • ADSL and fibre-optic available
  • 66Mbps average speeds
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John Lewis Broadband - fast and reliable broadband 

John Lewis Broadband gives you a service you can rely on to bring you simple, affordable and fast broadband. Whether you’re looking for standard ADSL, unlimited or fibre broadband, John Lewis has you covered.

Whilst more commonly know as a retailer, John Lewis has entered the broadband space with a bang, offering easy to install broadband services that combine with phone to create a full package. 

With great value packages to suit all types of broadband users, John Lewis has become a contender in the broadband market.

John Lewis Broadband at a glance 

  • ADSL and fibre broadband
  • Unlimited downloads available
  • Average speeds of up to 66Mbps
  • Waitrose customers get more
  • Free anti-virus software
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Same price, regardless of where you live 

Standard and Unlimited broadband from John Lewis

John Lewis offers everything you’d expect when it comes to broadband. If you’re looking for a simple broadband connection, you’ll be able to take Standard broadband along with phone services.

With Standard, subscribers can get up to 10Mbps average speeds and 20GB of downloads. This is ideal for light personal use such as sending and receiving emails and browsing social media. Those who often stream content or have a large family all browsing at once might find it less suitable, but those who enjoy simple browsing will have access to fast speeds and a generous download limit. 

Standard broadband also comes as an Unlimited package. With this, users will receive the same average 10Mbps but with unlimited downloads as standard. This means you’ll be able to download as much as you like without incurring penalties for going over the limit. This is ideal for those who like to download or stream often or have a lot of people who browse at the same time.

Fast fibre optic from John Lewis 

For users who require a faster connection, John Lewis also offers fibre-optic broadband connections. With this, subscribers will get up to 66Mbps average speeds - over double compared to the standard and unlimited packages. 
You’ll also have a huge 100GB of downloads to play with. Whilst this isn’t unlimited, it still represents a lot of data and gives you freedom of many monthly downloads. This is ideal for large families who all browse the internet or a heavy personal user who enjoys streaming content and downloads. 

The availability of John Lewis fibre can often depend on where you are, but no matter where you are when you buy it, the price will never change. This ensures that customers get the same deal despite where they are. 

Combine John Lewis broadband with phone 

John Lewis customers can combine their broadband package with phone services. Users can choose a package based on their phone usage, so there’s always a deal for whatever type of home phone user you are. 

Enjoy included Evening and Weekend calls which allows you to take no call charges to other landlines between Monday to Friday 7pm - 7am or anytime during Saturday or Sunday. If you’re more of a heavy user, you can take Anytime calls which will never charge you beyond your subscription for calls to other landlines. 

Anytime and International Calls is John Lewis’ deluxe phone package, allowing you to make unlimited international and standard calls to landlines.

Extras with John Lewis Broadband 

Taking broadband with John Lewis entitles you to a number of extra features that are included as complementary parts of your package. 

  • Wireless router included in your package 
  • Bullguard online security software 
  • Same price wherever you live 
  • No activation fee

John Lewis Broadband customer service

Customer service from John Lewis is comprehensive and always on hand for whenever you need it, no matter the time of day. Customers can phone John Lewis at any time of day for free when they use their landline and their call centre is based in the UK. 

You’ll also have access to the useful online portal, allowing you to manage your account and view technical guides to any query you might have. With John Lewis, you’ll never be left wondering what to do next with your broadband. 

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