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First Utility - Competitive broadband & fibre with no hidden charges

First Utility is an energy provider which has branched out into the broadband market. With plenty of competition, First Utility has opted to keep it simple, with two fibre packages and one standard. Line rental is included, and there are no upfront fees to pay.

First Utility launched in 2008 and, according to the provider’s website, the UK has saved an estimated £500 million through its lower energy bills. Although First Utility began life as a modestly sized energy start-up, the provider now has approximately 850,000 customers taking its gas, electricity or broadband services.

Some research of the company reveals that the ambition was always to help customers get better value, spending “less on what they need and more on what they want”. They also proudly state that they are part of Shell’s New Energies division, doing their part as we make the move to a lower carbon future.

As a First Utility customer you’ll have the option of ADSL broadband or superfast fibre, and it is genuinely competitively priced. A further benefit is the provider’s focus on transparency; you’ll find that there are no upfront charges and connection is free, with even the industry’s traditional router delivery charge being waived.

First Utility also states that there won’t be an increase in monthly charge at the end of your contract.

Unlimited downloads every month

There’s a growing trend of providers switching over to exclusively unlimited downloads across all their packages, and First Utility clearly sees the benefit of this. If you’re taking a fibre package then it may well mean that you plan to download a lot each month, so limited usage could see you penalised.

Someone with a streaming service subscription could use up 10GB by downloading just three high definition films. It makes a lot more sense, particularly if you know you want to download a lot of movies and music, to opt for unlimited usage. Every package from First Utility is uncapped, so you could download 100 HD films and it wouldn’t matter.

Dedication to fair pricing and great service

First Utility looks to combine services in order to keep costs low and improve customer convenience. The provider bills monthly on all utilities and details where savings can be made. The aim is to make it easier for households to budget and enhance a customer’s control over their utility spending.

The provider makes a point of its dedication to fair, clear pricing, as well as great service. The website makes reference to a number of points that new, existing and potential customers should all find encouraging. There’s mention of a more “positive, engaged and informed relationship between customer and supplier”, as well as a detailed list of commitments designed to facilitate this.

First Utility at a glance

  • Unlimited downloads every month
  • Line rental included in price
  • Fast fibre or standard ADSL available
  • No connection, no hidden fees
  • Free router delivery
  • 18-month contract
  • No monthly charge increase at end of contract
  • Range of calls packages

Award-winning customer service

First Utility has also clearly seen the benefit in reputable, recognised customer service and satisfaction. The provider is Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended in 2018 and is also accredited the ServiceMark by The Institute of Customer Service from January 2017 to January 2020.

First Utility was also awarded the coveted Customer Service of the Year award in 2017, scoring highly in all areas, including telephone, online and social media interactions.

Broadband customers are supported by the same UK-based call centre that handles energy customers, so you know you are getting that same level of service.

Inclusive landline minutes and cheap call rates

Despite the meteoric rise of, and reliance upon, phones and smartphones, there’s still room for the trusty landline service. It’s a great way to save on your mobile minutes, and most broadband packages can be coupled with a cheap home calls package.

With First Utility you have pay as you go calls as standard, but for a little extra you can take one of the competitive plans. Choose Evening and Weekend of Anytime if you want UK calls included, or take International to get inclusive calls to 40 overseas destinations.

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